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I am a commitment to easier pathways for connection and change within individuals, groups and their relationships through curiosity, contradictions and presence. 


My place is as a strategist, a convener, a coordinator. I analyze situations, make grounded assessments, and move from a place of integrity and foresight. I know these as some of my key strengths and what I am here to do - or, at least, what I am called to do in this time.

As I have been doing more reflection on why I do what I do, why I’m passionate about my work and how it lights me up - I ask myself, why does this matter to me?

...Because I like to know what everyone is doing and where they are --- that’s control. Take a deep breath… Release that…

...Because I want to be recognized and acknowledged for having a part in it – that’s ego. Take a deep breath… Release that…

...Because I want to know that everyone is safe. I want to know that folks are cared for, and have what they need, and are prepared to do their work successfully.

...Because strategy matters. We need people who consider how to ensure our success, how we will track it, and how we prepare better for the next opportunity we have.

...Because I want to see and be a part of actions that are purpose-driven, and have visible impact. Because changing material conditions matters and greater impact is possible when people can see change in their real lives.

...Because our relationships matter. It is all in how we relate to each other. Effective coordination is only possible when people know their roles, know the roles of those around them, and understand how the roles are in relationship to each other. Because that is the key to unlocking the full power of our interdependence what we can do out in the world. 

...Because strong coordination is what will get us all free. A lack of coordination has brought us silos, distrust, missed opportunities, losses, short-sighted actions towards no transformative end. 

I want to support the coordination of movement bodies towards transformative, lasting, and visibly impactful change. This matters to me because I know my place in the movement is by the sides of those on the front lines – many different front lines in many different places towards many different targets – and I am invested in participating in each struggle without having to play all the roles or make all the moves. I am invested in solidarity organizing that gets us all free. I am not interested in overextending myself, joining every group, attending every meeting, going to every action. I know my role and I want to help other individuals and organizations find and live into the fullness of theirs.

Ominira Facilitation and Coaching is an extension of the practice I have been in for the last several years, holding space for groups to meet, process, and strategize as well as supporting organizations and individuals with coaching, curriculum development, and project management.

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