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I am a commitment to easier pathways for connection and change within individuals, groups and their relationships through curiosity, contradictions and presence. 


I have organized in Detroit and within national movements for years and currently hold my sacred work as a spiritualist, dreamer, space-holder, coach and trainer who supports Black liberation and abolitionist movements, organizers and activists across the country. I call Detroit home, though I am newly living and making roots in Norfolk, VA (because Spirit said it was time to move and I listened). I am a Black American hoodoo spiritualist and initiated Ifa and Obatala priest-in-training. I invoke Spirit in the many ways that it can be known (nature, God, ancestors, orisha, intuition) to clarify the connection between our current circumstances and our purpose/destiny.


I work with/in organizations and groups to support them in moving towards change, ease and freedom. I love to ask big questions, hold challenging contradictions, and nurture a space for the learning & unlearning that is needed for our individual and collective transformation.

Ominira Facilitation and Coaching is an extension of the practice I have been in for the last several years, holding space for groups to meet, process, and strategize as well as supporting organizations and individuals with coaching, curriculum development, and project management.

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