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PG Watkins - Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Space-Holder

I am a commitment to easier pathways for connection and change within individuals, groups and their relationships through curiosity, contradictions and presence. 

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Hear directly from people I've held space for, facilitated with, and worked with through coaching and consultation.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing PG both as a co-facilitator and also a person being facilitated by them. PG brings clarity, rigor, softness and joy to every space they facilitate. Their ability to keep conversations on track, ask the right questions and inject energy when you feel like you have no more, are some of my favorite things about both facilitating with them and also being facilitated by them. As a person who is also paid to create and hold space for individuals and organizations, I have an appreciation for the expertise and attention to detail that PG brings to the work and art of facilitation. If you are considering hiring them--do yourself a favor and commit. I guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you've made, and both you and your organization will be better for it."

Aja Taylor, 2 Brown Girls

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